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Youth Baseball Coach


"[Workshop 1] has allowed me to really change my concentration of focusing more on my student athletes mental health and understanding where they're coming from everyday and put myself in their shoes when I instruct drills"

"The openness of the workshop allows us to collaborate more effectively without being afraid to say something."

"Watching the "asking/telling" videos was very impactful. Seeing the different ways of coaching in live action helps bring all the reading material together in a visual context."

"[Workshop 2] has made me think about my program and ways that I can help my coaches improve the culture." 

Athletic Director

"Almost any coach will be able to reflect on themselves and walk away with at least one positive alteration to their coaching philosophy."

"[Workshop 2] is a great reflective tool for coaches to actually question their own concrete habits and practices to ensure that they are doing right by the athletes."

"It’s important to be reminded of why we became coaches/teachers to begin with- to help mold young people lives for the better and for them improve in all aspects of life."

"[Workshop 3] provides real strategies and emphasizes the importance of meeting the emotional needs of athletes, which should be highly valued. Provides perspectives and great ideas/strategies from other coaches."

"I thought there was a great balance of different elements in

[Workshop 2]. Discussions as a whole group are great."

“It has allowed me to relate to other coaches and feel okay about the spot I am in knowing I am not the only one who has had to evolve and has so much more room to grow”

“Most useful thing I learned was where motivation is derived from and the process that goes into it. I feel I can apply so much of it to my coaching practices because now that I understand the different types and the order of operations, I can gear my focus toward feeding those needs.”

“The workshops have actually spurred a lot of conversation within our coaching staff and allowed us to reflect. I haven't spoken a lot during work shops because I like having time to reflect and process-but I think it's made me find areas where I can continue to develop.”

"[Brianna] quickly earned my trust and as someone who wanted to help our team achieve success, but also convinced me that we could be more direct in terms of how we help each team member take ownership and responsibility of outcomes. She led team culture workshops, did individual assessments, and gathered data from surveys to creating a starting point from which we could embark upon more clearly developed pathways to individual and team success"

- Coach Matt Belfield, UVM



"You always pushed me to do one more rep and you were very approachable to talk about running or anything that was going on. I felt very comfortable being honest with you about my running and outside of running"

"My favorite component was the personalized check ins because it was nice to get to talk to you about how I was feeling mentally and physically."

"What’s been helping me [in nordic] is doing some race visualization, pre race journaling, and resetting my mental state of mind...I'm so grateful that I learned it from you because sometimes I don't know where I  would be without my ability to push through mentally."

"My favorite component was our Friday Reflections before our races. It was nice to incorporate writing and conversation together as a team."

"You were a great motivator. I loved that you individualize us and are there to acknowledge each of our hard work. You help a lot with mental problems in racing and workouts such as getting in the right mindset."

"You were honest, cared a lot about us individually, and always seemed genuinely excited to be with us!!!!! Positive attitudes ROCK!! :)"

"I really like your focus on the mental aspect of racing -- I know a lot of us struggle with it and I want to improve with it."

"I really liked [when we did] MVP MIP and Team Player because it was great to recognize a lot of different people for their contributions to the team!"

"You were always very friendly and enthusiastic, you asked about how both running and life was, and you go out of your way to do kind little things. You're also good for an occasional laugh."

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