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Lacrosse Huddle


>   Identifying goals and uniting under a shared mission   < 

>   Improving team collaboration and cohesion   <

>   Tapping into athletes' strengths by enhancing their mental game   <

Explore workshops below to find what session is right for you and your team. 

Don't see what you are looking for? Looking to focus in on a specific skill or topic? Contact me to discuss creating a session customized to your teams needs. 

Team Building - The team building workshop is customized to your team's unique challenges, goals and needs. It will incorporate a number of interactive activities, breakout groups and exercises for reflection, developing an awareness of challenges and identifying actions to move your teams towards cohesion and collaboration. Players will leave more knowledge about how they can leverage their strengths for the better of the team, support and lift up others, and recognize the value of each of their teammates.

Team Culture (in combination with coach athlete one-on-ones) - The team culture workshop is specifically tailored to the themes, concerns and topics voiced by athletes during their coach one-on-ones. It provides a space for team members to speak openly about values, behaviors, and expectations and often leads to deeper connection and commitment to each other. There are a range of reasons why an athlete may not feel comfortable voicing their perspective on team culture, whether it is fear of being shamed, not believing they have a say or simply not giving it thought. Prior to workshops I review themes with coaches, compile and organize breakout groups around the popular themes, which allows athletes to remain anonymous (if they chose) but still have their voice be heard. Typically teams will focus on 3 - 5 themes (in the past they have included communication, practice environment, attitude, team cohesion etc.) The goal of these workshops is to come out having formed more authentic relationships and devised practical next steps to move the team culture forward.

Goal Setting - The goal setting workshop will help athletes to understand the difference between outcome goals and process goals and why each is beneficial. They will learn the components of SMART goal setting and apply it to three different areas of development: performance and training, mental and personal development. During the team portion we will brainstorm and anonymously share top team goals, identify expectations for behaviors to achieve these goals, and develop milestones for the team to use as a benchmark for their progress as well as a source of motivation throughout the season.

Mental Training - During our mental training workshop athletes will build skills for overcoming negative chatter, improving focus and building confidence. They will learn strategies for adopting a process oriented perspective, developing a habit of mindfulness and meditation and delve deeper into their why. Finally, they will understand how maintaining an athlete training log and engaging in weekly reflection contributes to continued motivation and engagement in the sport.

*All workshops include a 1 hour follow up debrief and planning session.
Continued support after debrief can be provided at an additional cost.

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